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Mandy is offering personal sessions to help you connect to spirit and change your frequency. 
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Amanda Gatlin, psychic medium
Hi! I'm Amanda 'Mandy' Gatlin!

​In personal sessions, I help you connect to your Spirit in the quickest way possible. I am able to see what obstacles might be keeping you from moving forward, and we work together to get you back on your path. This often leads to incredible, positive changes! 

​Let me know where you are on your journey and how I may help by clicking here.

​Much love!  ~Mandy  XOXO
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Upcoming Events

AUGUST 30, 2015
Join Mandy at the Holistic Living Expo on Sunday, August 30th! Mandy will be providing energy readings to help unblock stuck energy and to help connect you more fully to your spirit. She will also be providing a group session where you can join in to the mastermind group and learn where you may have distortions in your spirit that might be keeping you back from living your best life ever. We will be connecting to Source as a group to help you reset! 
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Online Spirit Connection Class to help you learn how to connect more easily to spirit. This is a 6 week class meeting on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM online. This class is for beginners to advanced. Develop your connection to Source and learn how to strengthen this connection. Mandy will provide a meditation as well as work on you in the session to help clear distortions from your spirit. Gain more clarity about your decisions and your path and create a stronger bridge to spirit!
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Connect To Spirit
By Amanda Gatlin
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