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*Please note that the Certified Medium designation means that Amanda Hall has received para-professional training in the art of mediumship. Amanda Hall is not a licensed health care professional. A session with a Certified Medium and KUNLUN System Apprentice is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. If you require the care of a licensed health care professional, please contact your state's medical and/or psychological board. Please also check and abide by your state's regulations concerning para-professional counseling. By contacting Amanda Hall, you understand that the session is for informational purposes to be used for self awareness and self development.

​*Certified Medium by Doreen Virtue, Certified KUNLUN System(R) Apprentice
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Reach your loved ones who
have crossed to the other side
and receive messages to help
you along your journey...

Have you lost someone you love and want to know if they have 
safely crossed over to the other side?

Are you struggling with their loss and wanting to reconnect with them?

Sometimes the loss can cause so much pain that you feel like there is a hole in your heart...

This website is dedicated to helping you understand what happens to your loved ones when they leave the physical realm, how they try to communicate and get messages to you, and how you can reestablish a connection with them.  

My name is Mandy Hall, and I am a medium. I have been seeing spirits 
since I was a little girl, and with time, I started to understand that these
spirits are desperate to access their living family members. They see 
how much their friends and family struggle over their loss, and all they
want is to show their loved ones that they are not "dead," they are still
very present, just in a different form!

Often, these spirits bring forth specific messages that only their closest
relatives would ever know. And usually, they simply want to connect so
that the living can feel more at peace. The messages they share prove
that love does not end with death, but rather it pushes us to expand our
love in new ways. It calls for us to honor our loved ones by stepping into
the light ourselves choosing to expand our hearts rather than close down
because of fear. Their messages always touch upon continuing on with 
purpose and passion. This have revealed to me that even with the death
of our loved ones, everything happens for a reason... 

If you would like to learn how to become quiet enough to receive messages from spirit, you can start with the meditations to the right.

The signs and symbols section is designed to help you understand how spirits communicate to us through our dreams and things we see and experience in nature.

The section on connecting will help you learn different ways that you can access your loved onesyour own spirit, and helpers who are on the other side.

The section on health is important for helping you clear your energy so that you can be a better receiver of information. These techniques provide you with the groundwork for establishing a connection. These trainings have helped me hone my abilities through the years. 

The inspiring quotespositive affirmationsEnergy Forecast Newsletter and freebies are offered from my heart to yours. I have found that my growth has happened exponentially when I have been inspired by other's stories. If you are having a difficult time, please visit the healing portal. It provides a beautiful meditation with nature that has remarkable healing qualities. 

I am honored that you are visiting this site and grateful that you have the courage to venture outside of the "physical" parameters and comfort zone that we are all so used to. Thank you for coming with an open heart and open mind. I think you will find the more you open your heart, the easier the connection becomes and the more peace you will feel, and peace is my ultimate goal for you!

Much love and happiness!

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Medium Readings by Amanda Hall, Discover Your Energy
Medium Mandy Hall
Read amazing stories about how loved ones who have crossed to the other side came through to say hello...
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Live with Joy, Purpose and Confidence.

Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered. 
Through the Art of Living Course this potential is set free and you 
gain a greater vision of who you are. You find you have the power
to create a joyous life that is on-purpose, the confidence to stretch
and grow beyond limiting beliefs, and the ability to lead a deeply
fulfilling life.
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How to Read Signs and Symbols
Unlock Messages from Spirit!

Are you receiving messages from deceased loved ones or just noticing a symbol in nature over and over again???
Maybe you are having a recurring dream and can't figure out what the message is?
Visit our signs and symbols page to learn how to decipher the messages that are trying to come through or read some of our popular pages below!

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